SIBASUITE HR is a fully web-based and workflow Human Resource solution that covers the entire aspect of human resource process spectrum from Personnel Information Management, Leave Management, Attendance Management, Asset Management, Payroll, Performance Management, Loan Request, Travel request and other Human Capital Request Management. SIBASUITE has a powerful HR analytics tool to help in detail employee data management.The solution comes equipped with email and SMS alerts, standard reports and available for on cloud, on premise and mobile deployments.

Main Modules

The Social Hub and collaboration module includes:
  • Employee Profiles and wall
  • Activity Streams
  • Notifications such as Birthdays and new entrants
  • Events notifications from HR Manager
  • Chat/Messaging facility
  • Task Management

Personnel Information Management (PIM)

The PIMS module consist of the official profile of an employee which shows hierarchies like the department, units date of joining institution and other key bio data.

This menu allows an employee to update his personal details by updating hobbies, beneficiaries, family details, extracurricular, Address, Telephone Numbers and other non-corporate information

Other Key bio data such as job experience, academic qualification related details, suspensions, queries can be updated through a powerful maker checker workflow facility where the updated information is sent to HR attention for approval


SIBASUITE Payroll makes your payroll process very simple and smart through its parametric setup features which allows the setup based on pay cycles or on formula applicable to certain pay groups taking into full cognizant effective and efficient management of Loans, Provident funds, special allowances, Tax deductions.

It comes equipped with full import facility and is able to manage increment calculations based on pay cycles on formula applicable to certain pay groups.

The system has lots of inbuilt reports like company wise, department wise, designation wise, salary statements, PF, loan transaction, arrears exemptions and TDS reports.


SIBASUITE Leave modules facility is able to manage the entire leave system of any corporate organization. The system is fully parametric allowing the setup of leave rules base on grades, department or sex where leave days’ balances can be credited on advance/accumulated on either monthly, quarterly or yearly basis.

It is fully workflow with features for handing over document uploads, leave reversal, leave calendar with holidays management and leave days’ modifications after approval

Travel and Other Request Management

The request Management module is fully workflow to manage any type of request ticket raised and sent to the attention of the next desired employees with capability to track open or close status of issues.

Request management can also be used for helpdesks and claim re-imbursement for Travels and medicals and loan request.

It is fully parameterized and can be easily customized to any prospects ecosystem

Performance Management

SIBASUITE HR Performance Management module keeps an all-round tab on performance of employees by getting them appraised by their bosses and departments heads through a parametric objectives settings process and customized KPI’s and skill sets for each position.

The system allows for the flexible creation of competencies matrix which are mapped to a role and given different weightages. It allows for the creation of different appraisal formats for varied organizational hierarchies and user roles so as to get an accurate performance evaluation

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Business Process Management

SIBASUITE BPM is completely web based and accessed via any web browser and very responsive on any mobile devices and automatically integrate and manage all user groups, systems and processes. The system provides a complete set of tools to effectively and efficiently manage business processes, including business process modelling, execution, monitoring and analysis.It comes equipped with document management capabilities, instant notifications and seamless workflow with LDAP integrationsThe solution is able to manage access rights for users and groups. Grant or deny access to individual records or groups of records and with detailed activity logs

Business Intelligence Data Analytics
and Monitoring System

The Business Intelligence Data Analytics and monitoring system is a centralized and parameterized based application. It provides state-of-the-art modules for data processing, quantitative and qualitative data analysis and designed with the user in mind. All transactions are real time and can be viewed by any stakeholder that needs access to the information. The application is secure, efficient and also makes reporting easier. It is built with the latest web based technologies to leverage on the power of internet protocols and Application Programming Interface (APIs) making it responsive to changes and cost effective in deployment, maintenance and highly flexible with interactive and good user experience. It can be hosted and accessed over the cloud, thus making it easily distributable and accessible everywhere and any time.  The application is also able to generate various forms of reports that can be sent via emails. In addition, it has a dashboard that allows single interface view of information and comparative data analysis.

Unique Features

  • Parameterized setups
  • Audit trails
  • Access Control

Parameterized setups

The system is a parameterized based application which allows administrators to setup the system as the needs of the client changes without contacting the vendor.

Access Control

Access control module enables the administrator to grant and revoke the rights to the system as per the roles of the users. It also allows users to create, update and view only the resources of the system assigned to them.

Audit trails

The system has an audit trail which keeps logs of transactions as to who created, who updated, when created or updated etc.

Integrated Business Management Software Suite

SIBASUITE consists of other supplementary non-core solutions of the BFSI sector which are fully integrated with the core financial solutions. There are currently three main SIBASUITE solutions thus

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